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How can you change customer perceptions?

As a big name in the competitive television facilities market, The London Studios (ITV’s facilities brand) had consistently invested in technology to differentiate itself: a classic ‘build it and they will come’ approach.

To reposition the brand, we took a research-led approach. Customers confirmed that technology is assumed in this market and that it is service they value. We set out to change perceptions by plotting the customer journey and building a service proposition around key moments on that journey. We worked with departments from scheduling to technical crews and finance to develop a true end-to-end service culture.

“The guys are great at absorbing complex business dynamics fast. They used that understanding to help us build something of real substance. It’s not only a valuable and differentiated market position, it’s a way of thinking about our business that we can all rally round. And they’ve expressed it in what I believe is outstanding creative work that not only cuts through in the market, it’s also a source of pride for our people.”

Kathy Schulz
Director of Studios

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