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How can you brand a knowledge business?

In knowledge businesses, brand management can often collide with the free thinking you value in your consultants. Outside of the marketing department, ‘brand’ is seen as a consumer issue.

In our work for Arup, we have helped them overcome this tension. We have been able to articulate what is often an implicit culture, making it explicit and effectively hardwiring the brand into the day-to-day of a complex organisation. From how leaders lead to business development tools, flagship publications and recruitment messaging.

“I know I can share an issue and use these guys as a sounding board and get structured, practical thinking back. Their combination of strategic rigour and creative expression sits very well with our style where we want the evidence, but also want it to take us to new and usefully different conclusions. They listen well, challenge constructively and with insight, deliver to our timescales and are credible with our board and our people alike.”

Miles King
Director of Global Marketing & Communication

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