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How do you stop a ‘cash cow’ becoming a ‘dog’?

Hay Group invented the market for Job Evaluation 60 years ago. For decades it remained at the core of their business. In recent years, relative complacency had seen this Hay Group heartland invaded by competitors with credible alternatives.

We were asked to create a differentiating proposition. The bigger issue in our view was the need to reignite the belief of their consultants in the strategic value of this key Hay Group tool. Our programme has achieved both.

“You’ve helped us to fundamentally transform the way we think about what we do. Having launched nine months ago, the business is growing. Clients get it: we’ve won business we can attribute to an offer that is both different and credible. Consultants get it: we are having good success selling. And competitors get it: there’s clear evidence of the competition adapting their marketing to counter our messaging.”

Philip Johnson
Global Head of Practice

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