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How can you leverage the value of being a group?

Maritime engineering consultancy BMT has grown through acquisition to be a worldwide group of some 30 specialist companies. A new CEO had an innate sense that the group was less than the sum of its parts. We were hired to help 30 different company MDs and presidents, each with their own agenda, to build and get behind one new strategy and one new brand.

A three-year programme of defining the new brand, creating the new identity, developing the naming strategy and engaging staff has transformed BMT from a loose alliance of companies to the powerful, integrated group it is today. A group where greater cooperation has hugely increased bid values.

“My impression is that [the programme] is truly excellent and I am extremely pleased by what you have created. I have no doubt that the best decision I made that year was to appoint McCarron Associates to assist us in the task of strengthening our brand. It has been an education working with you and one which I have greatly enjoyed. Thank you.”

Peter French
Chief Executive Officer

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