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We are a brand consultancy. We encourage ourselves and our clients to be ‘sensibly brave’: to reach for ambitious answers grounded in best-practice. We translate those answers into practical, motivating communication. We are practitioners, not managers. Our size allows us to stay true to our commitment that as founders we will work directly on every project. From our base in London, we build and direct teams of associates to suit the needs of your project.
John McCarronPaul TavenerJohn McCarronPaul Tavener
Mark Stephenson. Moving Image Associate.

Mark has worked with John over many years, partnering together in advertising and design firms. Today he has focused his talents on moving image work. From brand films to digital content to animation, he uses his background as Head of Art in leading creative agencies produce content where the concept is king. He believes that as consumers we have grown used to rich media and that we now expect that same level of engagement and interaction in communications which target us in ‘work mode’ too.

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